Our Products

If you are using or considering the use of MultiValue software (such as UniVerse, UniData, D3, SB+, DesignBais) we would recommend upgrading your applications and tools to Managed Code with our suite of Prosol products.

Prosol Group offers four tried and trusted product lines: NetBasic, NetBuilder, MVsync and MVrest. All Prosol Group products are database independent and can use multiple types of databases concurrently. Our products are currently in operation with SQL Server, Oracle, UniVerse, UniData and versions of Pick.

All Prosol products released since 2016 are Managed Code. A program is characterised as Managed Code if it uses the .NET run machine and JIT (just-in-time compiler). NetBasic was updated in 2016 as Managed Code. Prior to that, NetBasic’s foundation was C and C++ and had its own run machine, like other MultiValue environments.

NetBasic enables emulation of environments such as UniVerse, UniData, D3 and other versions of Pick, to produce managed .Net source and object code, converting and populating a choice of SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle databases.

The result is a coversion platform that delivers robust applications for organisations  demanding critical performance, including banking and financial services, emergency systems, healthcare, e-commerce and more. NetBasic’s compact and efficient data structure ensures that systems can run at high speeds with optimal response times.


NetBuilder emulates SB+, which enables ISVs and customers to leverage the considerable investment in the current systems and produce an up-to-date, fully scalable, highly functional, industry standard equivalents. NetBuilder allows you to separate your application layer from the database layer, and users can choose their interface type (character, graphical or browser).

Developers can use Visual Studio Code as their IDE to develop their applications. Visual Studio code is an industry standard development environment from Microsoft. Prosol Group has built extensions for VSCODE for BASIC, C#, Visual Debugging and TCL.


MVsync replicates data from MultiValue (MV) datastores into SQL Server datastores. However, compared to other replication software, MVsync is unique in the way it operates. Instead of physically transforming the data as it replicates, MVsync provides a dynamic transformation engine that enables the data to appear as normalized without the time-consuming, error-prone operation of physical transformation.

Installation and configuration of MVsync is straightforward and intuitive, so that a typical implementation can be up and running in less than a day.


MVrest is the new RESTful API (Application Program Interface) from Prosol Group, created to overcome the limitations and cumbersome procedures found in MultiValue RESTful APIs and to work with multiple MultiValue databases including MVON, UniVerse, UniData and D3. MVrest uses HTTP(s) requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE objects, including MultiValue business rules and complex data structures.

MVrest generates a complete .NET Core 3.1 project with full source code, which can be modified to meet requirements not met by the generic REST interface;