Replicate MultiValue data in SQL Server and view it as normalized or MultiValue.

MVsync replicates data from MV (MultiValue) datastores into SQL Server datastores. However, compared to other replication software, MVsync is unique in the way it operates. Instead of physically transforming the data as it replicates, MVsync provides a dynamic transformation engine that enables the data to appear as normalized without the time-consuming, error-prone operation of physical transformation.

Installation and configuration of MVsync is straightforward and intuitive, so that a typical implementation can be up and running in less than a day.

  • Data Integrity – ends inconsistencies between primary and replicated data
  • Real-Time Updates – replicated data can be updated in near real-time
  • Efficiency – changes to the primary data source (such as adding a field) are replicated without program change. The dynamic transformation parameters require adjustment only by those applications and users who would want to use the added field
  • Compatibility – replicated data can be processed as MV data with MV tools
  • Convenience – MVsync enables MV data to exist in native format, yet displayed as SQL data. Hence data can be seen as natural to both MV and SQL users
  • Speed – the dynamic transformation engine is embedded into SQL Server: So the database, instead of the client application handles the normalization, recasting, selection and other transformation tasks