Prosol Group Introduces MVrest for RESTful Web Services

MVrest is the new RESTful API (Application Program Interface) from Prosol Group. MVrest was created to overcome the limitations and cumbersome procedures found in MultiValue RESTful APIs and to work with multiple MultiValue databases including NetBasic, UniVerse, UniData and D3.

MVrest uses HTTP(s) requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE objects, including MultiValue business rules and complex data structures.

These are some important design features of MVrest:

  • MVrest allows full control of complex data structures to be returned from a REST call;
  • MVrest output can be tailored to suit complex objects;
  • MVrest is deployed on .NET Core 3.1 with an internally hosted HTTP pipeline. This means no configuration of a web server is required, as the entire REST server is hosted in the application.
  • MVrest runs on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.
  • MVrest generates a complete .NET Core 3.1 project with full source code, which can be modified to meet requirements not met by the generic REST interface;