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Established in 1986, ProSolutions soon began pioneering commercial web applications and subsequently became involved in the banking sector, where its Integrator (ESB) system was born. Some years later, in response to a client’s requirement to move off the UniVerse operating environment onto the Microsoft platform, MVsharp and MVpro were developed. This enabled conversion from UniVerse to the .Net framework, running on the SQL Server database.

Through the progress of our integration business, ProSolutions Integration (Pty) Limited, we have continued to achieve considerable success, particularly in the banking sector, with clients in thirteen African countries and as far afield as Beijing in China.

In turn, Prosol Group has been able to focus on its conversion business, with both its MVsharp and MVpro products being significantly enhanced. Various stand-alone products have also been spawned, which now include MVsync and MVrest. Consequently a number of South African sites have been running live for several years and Prosol Group has entered into a contractual agreement with an American company that is an established player in the MultValue sector in the United States.

MVsharp provides development tools that emulate features available with UniVerse, UniData, D3 and other MV environments.

Client Relationships

  • We are proud of our reputation for adding long-term value, evidenced by business relationships that have endured for over 30 years
  • We bring decades of expertise in MultiValue software combined with SQL DBMS products to interested clients and fresh ventures
  • We specialise in software development that blends seasoned techniques and tools with successful contemporary approaches
  • Because we are enthusiastic about the use of common run-time environments, as well as common DBMS products, we are combining MultiValue with CLR run machines, whether .NET or Mono.
  • We celebrate giving new life to solid, mature applications


  • We believe trust and integrity are at the heart of successful business relationships
  • We applaud the success of our partners and clients


  • We are proud of our ability to provide a working environment that enables us to attract and retain people of the highest calibre in our profession
  • We strive to be an organisation where our people are highly motivated and empowered to make a difference.