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MultiValue Modernization from Prosol:
Smarter, simpler and more cost effective than ever.

MVsharp gives MultiValue developers the tools to write software in MV, transpile to C# and run it in the .NET Common Language Runtime

Try MVsharp for Free
About MVsharp
Prosol Group has been a member of the international MultiValue community for many years and remains South Africa’s leading provider of MultiValue solutions.

We believe in the enduring technological value of all MV platforms and systems and have collaborated with various members of the MV community to add value and longevity to numerous legacy systems. At Prosol Group we remain convinced of the long term future of MV systems in terms of integrity, security and compliance.

Our Products

Prosol Group is the home of MVsharp, which together with its complimentary MultiValue (MV) conversion tools, facilitates the modernization of legacy systems with today’s Microsoft technologies.

MVsharp enables emulation of environments such as UniVerse, UniData, D3 and other versions of Pick, to produce managed .Net source and object code, converting and populating a choice of databases.


With the ability to import popular 4GL environments, MVpro enables rapid prototyping, development and deployment of applications, while supporting a variety of user interfaces. This enables modernization of current systems and the production of industry-standard equivalents.


MVsync replicates data from MultiValue (MV) datastores into SQL Server datastores. However, compared to other replication software, MVsync is unique in the way it operates. Instead of physically transforming the data as it replicates.


MVrest is the new RESTful API (Application Program Interface) from Prosol Group, created to overcome the limitations and cumbersome procedures found in MultiValue RESTful APIs and to work with multiple MultiValue databases.

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